What do you do this for?

The other week I was with family and the TV was on in the background when I noticed a News story title “Go Vegan for Beyonce”. Now, the sound was not up so I could not hear what they were specifically talking about. I’ll be honest, I didn’t bother to look into afterward. I am not someone who gets caught up in celebrity news. I find it interesting from time to time. 

The story title got me thinking, none the less. I started thinking about all the time’s people ask me “what do you think about such and such diet….it was recommended by X celebrity”.  Every time I am asked this, my internal self rolls her eyes and dramatically drops to the floor with a “ugh”. It’s not projected at the person asking the question, it’s projected at how our society is so fixated on what’s new, “in”, and promoted by celebrities. That includes celebrity coaches, therapist, nutritionist, and so on. 

Just because someone famous recommends it or has been doing it for X amount of years doesn’t mean that you will have the same results…for a number of different factors. I am not saying that diets promoted by celebrities don’t work. I am saying or asking: Will it work for you?

This is what I mean. Take the title Go Vegan for Beyonce. One of the first things I ask a client is “who are you doing this for?”. This is a very important question because it’s an indicator of how successful you’ll be in starting, pushing through the hard times, and continuing this lifestyle change. If you’re not doing it for yourself, then why are you doing it? Really think about that question.

The other thing to be aware of is when you make a dietary change, it is a lifestyle change. You will be changing your routines including, but not limited to, where you go out to eat, how you cook, what you buy, looking at ingredients, how to store the food, how it’ll impact your schedule, where you grocery shop, and so on. When a Hollywood celeb recommends a diet, remember, they have a team of chefs, health coaches, personal trainers, and personal shoppers. You don’t. 

Let’s stick with the idea that you want to go vegan. What do you do with all the food currently in your home? Throw it all out? Take a step back to assess your current lifestyle and what will need to change in order to take on this goal?

When it comes to coaching I try to point clients towards considering the second question. The likelihood of “failure” if you throw everything out in your house without assessing your current lifestyle and researching where/how to shop for any dietary change, especially vegan, is substantially higher. When it comes to vegan foods, you really need to allow yourself time to find products and brands that you like. It will involve purchasing foods that you will throw out because you just don’t like it. Which for many of us, will feel like you are throwing away money. I always recommend allowing yourself to make the transition gradually. 

Consume the foods you have in your cupboards while researching and buying vegan products to substitute in your recipes as you consume the meaty items. Example: burger night, use the beef you have and then buy a vegan brand burger patty for the next week.  The following week try the find a vegan cheese and so on. There are a couple of brands I like when it comes to meat substitutes-Morning Star and Gardein. You may find you don’t like those brands but keep researching. Try Vegan Essentials online to research options-www.veganessentials.com. 

You may be asking yourself, “how do I know anything about being vegan”. Well, I went from eating meat to doing 3 months of a vegan diet (after months of research & consideration) to see how my skin (I have Rosacea, Acne Rosacea) behaved. I felt amazing. My energy levels were so high. I felt like I could take on the world. My skin did beautifully and my stomach issues completely subsided. But, I couldn’t keep up with it due to my schedule and events taking place in my life at that time. So, I ended up being Vegetarian. I couldn’t go back to eating meat. When I did, I felt aweful-bloated, tired, and sluggish.

So, what did I do this for? I went vegan to learn about myself in terms of moods, energy, digestion health, and skin health. I stuck to being vegetarian because it fit my lifestyle better. My secondary reason for not wanting to consume animal protein is the industry. I personally do not believe in the mass reproduction of animals for human consumption that includes the animal products used in our clothes, bags, packaging, and so on.

I am still working on this aspect of my life. I do want to be vegan one day but not only in diet but all products brought into my house. However, my vision of that may be vastly different than your vision of a vegan lifestyle. Why? Life is not a one size fits all. 

In closing, I ask you: What do you do this for?

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