IT’s March!!

We have made it to March!! 

Those of us who live in the Tide Water area of Virginia, it means that the weather is going to start getting warmer, the trees & flowers will start blooming, restaurants will soon be switching over to their ‘In-Season’ hours, shops will be open longer, vacationers will be coming back, seasonal boaters will be back, and LIFE will be back to the area. 

Winters are hard in general due to the weather and feeling shut inside all the time. Growing up outside of Buffalo, winters were just looooong. Here the winters are short but life is extremely seasonal. I, personally, have to put a plan together to keep me busy to make it through the winter season. That is exactly what I did this winter. I got to work focusing on TENHealth & Wellness and how to bring it to the next stage of its life. 

Myself, my web designer, my marketer, and my business consultant have been busy helping me create the image and services that are TENHealth & Wellness. I am sure you have noticed some changes on this page. I am super excited to share with you that TENHealth & Wellness is a fully functional, membership-based, online nutrition & wellness coaching practice with a brand new look & design!!! Check us out at

I wanted to bring my services to the community in the easiest way possible. I’ve researched apps and other online health services. This started after I interviewed for a company called Noom. I am sure you have seen them on your phone and advertised on TV. I thought they would be a great company to work for utilizing my coaching certification. However, (this is not to say anything bad about Noom-this is a personal preference) it was very fast paced, immediate response, little focus, and all about VOLUME.  None of the coaching would have been done face to face. Everything would have been done via written communications. 

This type of coaching didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t feel bad that I was denied the job. I left high-pressure work (Philadelphia & Richmond/Newport News) to get away from how horrible the high volume workload made me feel. So, I sat down and started building my business plan which snowballed into ideas about how to market after working with my business consultant, to then finding a marketer, which then lead me to a web designer, and into the image that is online coaching through video conferencing from the comfort of your own home. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself through this process. It has and continues to be a scary process. I am a one woman operation doing it ALL. Yes, you will see me refer to the practice as ‘we’ because it feels narcissistic to keep referring to the practice as ‘I’. 

I hope you all will join me on this wonderful journey with TENHealth & Wellness as a member or a follower on Facebook, Instagram, our public Blog, our local classes, and/or our online classes. 

Here’s to a wonderful Spring!!

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