April Newsletter

April 1, 2019

We are entering April!!

As we entered the Spring Equinox this year, March 20th, I took part in the Labyrinth walk held at the Bay Center for Spiritual Development. I’ve never walked a labyrinth and was not sure of the history behind them. I am still not 100% enough to adequately describe it to you. However, it is a way to meditate and reflect on anything that you are working through in your life. 

As I was walking the labyrinth, I found myself reflecting on how we can all be so close to each other, working through our own lives, in our own zone; trying to get to the center of our being, and then we are suddenly so far away from each other and our center. When I would reach the outer path of the labyrinth, I thought about how I could look around me, take in my surroundings, and not feel so crowded. Crowded from my own life goals and crowded from others around me doing the same thing. Yet, it terrified me because I felt so far away from the center of the labyrinth or as I felt it symbolized my center of being.

I started to feel anxious to get back to the center. I found myself walking faster. This is where I reflected on so much of my life and my goal setting. I’ve always been in a hurry. If it didn’t happen immediately after setting out a well laid out plan, I would panic. I would start to think of new ideas, new ways of doing things, instead of just sticking with what I originally set out. As I walked, I thought, what in the world is my hurry? What is my hurry to reach my goals? What happens if all I do is rush to reach my goal…then what? Will I just look for something else to take on?

As I pondered on these questions, I reached the center. I stood there basking in the warmth of the fire pit. I realized, that once you reach that center there is a whole new journey on the back-end of accomplishing your goals. It’s not terrifying, it’s unknown, and very much desired which is why we strive so hard towards our goals. If you truly believe in what you are doing and in yourself…keep at it no matter how many doors get slammed in your face or the door doesn’t open or the best-laid plan falls through. The journey will be messy and bumpy; with lots of twists and turns.

If you ever feel stuck, search out those with positive energy who will encourage you, look into life or wellness coaches. If you feel like you’ve extended yourself too far, tell yourself “it’s okay” to take a break and invest in yourself. That time to yourself may be a trip, a retreat, disconnecting from your devices for a while. 

Invest in yourself. Enjoy your journey especially when you feel you’re so far from what you are trying to accomplish, these moments help you see more clearly. 


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